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Studio Recording Session

All Genres

  • 7 hours
  • Inquire via Email.
  • Remote or Mobile

Service Description

Haze Amaze LLC drum tracking services with a top of the line recording gear. Starting with drum shells that range from Mahogany to Bubinga to Birch & Maple woods then on to metals like Brass, Aluminum, Copper, and more types for snares! I have all sizes as well so that I ensure that I am giving a wide range of tones. Next, all drums are recorded under some of SHURE's best drum mics where I am using KSM141 for overheads, BETA 98 mics for toms, industry standard SM57s for all snare mics, & the bass drum mic'd up with a 3pc BETA 52, BETA 91A, & a DW MoonMic Subkick for plenty of lows, mids, highs, & attack to make your record that much better. Lastly, I am using one of the top recording DAWs (ProTools) to provide clean, beefy drum tones that are sure to enhance your song, album, or EP. I also do drum mixing, so if you want a more in depth Haze Amaze sound, hire me for that as well.